Why You Should Hire a Certified Financial Planner?:


Irrespective of the current financial state of a person, everyone wants to die a rich person. However, in the 20 years that I spent in the financial services industry, I have noticed that most people either lack the awareness of proper financial planning (though they may not acknowledge it) and to add to it, hiring or consulting a certified financial planner freaks them out.

If you too feel the same way, let me tell you that you have many on your side even today.

However, if you are looking for mental, emotional wellbeing for yourself, then paying attention to your financial wellbeing is an important key to achieve the former two. Financial wellbeing refers to how ably you have planned for the future and not just your current financial status.

If not paid proper attention to, your financial security/ stability is likely to affect you as badly as your combined stability in your profession, relationships and concerns around your physical health.

However someone specialised in comprehensive financial planning helping you sort and plan your finances can be life-changing for you – you are likely to have a 5 kg brick off your head, thus freeing up your capacity to concentrate on your professional and personal matters efficiently and effectively. 

It is quite natural that you may feel that you do not need a financial planner/advisor to help you plan your finances/ investments. But beware before you arrive at that conclusion.

If the answer to any of the following questions is a ‘no’, then you might think twice before you dispel the idea of hiring a certified financial planner- 

  1. Do I have enough knowledge of finances and investments?
  2. Is wealth management your forte? Do you have a knack of learning or reading about financial planning, wealth management or any other financial subjects or like researching them?
  3. Are you an expert in managing and monitoring various financial instruments? 
  4. Do you really have the time to evaluate your portfolio from time to time and make periodic adjustments in them to reap your best returns?



Who is a Certified Financial Planner?


A certified financial planner India is an individual who helps people manage their finances. These individuals are given this formal designation of ‘Certified Financial Planner’ or CFP by the ‘Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc.’

This is because they are trained and thus equipped to guide people plan for various financial goals in their lives viz. Education, weddings, retirement, buying assets like houses/ apartments, protection with various insurance coverage and tax planning as well.

To become a qualified Certified Financial Planner (CFP) is a difficult task. One has to undergo stringent processes and conditions pertaining to passing of standardised examinations, experience, ethical standards and formal education.

Most importantly, all CFPs are ethically and legally bound to take all decisions and act solely in the best interest of their clients. This is referred to as being on ‘fiduciary duty.’

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Certified Financial Planners offer comprehensive financial services against certain considerations –

  1. One Time fee – If you are consulting a CFP for a specific need, like resolving a specific issue or making a financial plan for you, the Certified Financial Planner is likely to charge a one-time fee from you. You then take your investments ahead on your own basis the roadmap defined by the CFP for you.
  2. Hourly fee/ flat rate – Many investors consult CFPs against a flat fee, on a regular basis in order to review their portfolios or plan new investments from time to time.
  3. Commission fee
    Common in India is a commission fee, i.e. a percentage of amounts of money being invested in any vehicle are shelled out as a fee to the CFPs by the respective companies/ vehicles where the money is invested.


Why do you need Certified Financial Planner?


You may be a fresh graduate seeking to pay off your education loans post landing with your first job, or someone about to retire and is looking for avenues to ensure a seamless flow of monthly income, or maybe at a life stage somewhere in between, we all look want the money we are making or have made in life to work towards meeting our financial needs.

These life events and more prompt us to reach out for qualified and custom made financial advice. This is because there is always a chance of making a bad financial decision leading to major losses of hard-earned money.

Detailed below are various life scenarios when you might want to go for professional financial advice by either individual CFPs or financial planning firms.

  • I am on my first job and have my education loan to be repaid yet want to start saving for the future.
  • I need proper tax planning to ensure I pay a minimum tax on my salary from service/income from the business.
  • My parents are retiring and I being the sole earning member need to ensure family expenses in the face of an unforeseen event in future.
  • I plan to buy a house/ apartment in a few years from now post I get and settle down in life. I need help to plan for my future down payment.
  • I recently got married and now need help to plan our finances together as a couple.
  • We just got a child and need to plan for its future education, marriage and other financial needs.
  • My spouse and I do not agree on financial decisions and need comprehensive financial planning by an expert who can act as a mediator and give the right advice.
  • I am a single person and have no inheritance; thus need to plan investments towards wealth creation for myself to achieve my dreams in life.
  • I have inherited some wealth from my parents and need guidance to fruitfully invest the funds to yield maximum returns in future.
  • I do not have knowledge of the right financial instruments to invest my money and need expert advice to help me manage my finances.
  • I have been managing my finances till now, but need a second opinion to understand if I am on the right track to achieve my financial dreams.
  • I do not enjoy saving or investing money but/ and need professional advice to ensure I do not mess up my future financial health in the face of uncertainties.
  • I recently got widowed/divorced and need guidance to reorganise my finances for my future to move on as a single person.
  • I am about to retire and need professional support to ensure a regular flow of income henceforward from all the money I have earned so far to take care of my expenses and live my post-retirement golden years as I have dreamt of my me and my spouse.
  • My parents are growing older. We need professional help to check if all the financial planning done till date will suffice their financial needs going forward.


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Advantages of Consulting a Certified Financial Planner


Famed English fashion photographer David Bailey had once said, “To get rich, you have to be making money while you’re asleep. “ If your aim is to get rich, then seeking professional advice from a certified financial planner can prove to be advantageous to you.  

However, comprehensive financial planning is aimed at and comprises strategies to increase returns on the portfolios by keeping a close watch on the various investments vehicles; with the investment objectives of the client in mind.

Trying to get this done by one’s own self poses a complex task as too many investment options available in the market; mostly leaves investors confused. Further one needs to be mindful of the various instalments and/ or maturity dates to ensure continuity of the schemes to benefit from them.

Also, timely churning of maturity amounts into profitable reinvestment options (keeping taxability in mind); need exploring of advanced investment strategies. All these may prove to be overwhelming to an investor who is required to devote his/ her time and attention elsewhere to take care of various priorities.

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Top #5 reasons to hire a Certified Financial Planner:


Hiring a certified financial planner is likely to prove a prudent decision if one wants to save time and reduce hassle – thus reduce stress at the same time.

One of the most common reasons a CFP is hired is with the expectation to maximise the net returns on the portfolio investments. Though no one can guarantee the above, there are several advantages of hiring a Certified Financial Planner to manage your investment portfolios.

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Let us take a look at the advantages of employing a CFP.


1) Helps to reduce stress by saving time and energy:

The most important reasons behind making investments revolve around the facts that –

    1. We want to achieve all the financial dreams and meet exigencies along our life’s journey, and
    2. Post-retirement we should be able to reap returns from our hard-earned money to ensure a stable flow of income during our golden years

However, managing and monitoring investments on our own may actually pose a hurdle to the above objectives.

This is because our jobs and businesses demand full attention to make money and progress in our chosen careers.

Making and dedicating enough time to research and plan our investments to make our money work while we are sleeping or away in earning money, requires persistence, and dedicating so much time on a regular basis is definitely a challenge.

On the other hand an expert in this field – a CFP will happily and proactively take the desired responsibility while you are away.


2) Dedicated specialist to make money work for you:

Certified financial planner and financial planning firms are specialists and trained portfolio managers who dedicate their lives to plan and manage investment portfolios as their vocational expertise.

Thus their service with their functional knowledge, expertise and continued investment strategies can truly prove to be helpful to individual and organisational investors as well.


3) A timely and thorough review of investments:

Employing a qualified CFP to manage and control investments means giving complete control on one’s investments to an outsider. This can be a cause of doubt or suspicion for many as money has an emotional attachment to its owner.

This apprehension can always be taken care of by consulting and taking a second opinion from another CFP.


4) A stepping stone to learning investment planning:

If you are not a trained investment advisor by profession; appointing and observing a Certified Financial Planning Manager work out personalised investment strategies for you and others is a great learning experience in itself.

Most CFPs have their unique consulting and approach to investments for every client based on the latter’s needs. Thus watching the applied investment strategies and tools used to meet various financial objectives, will lay the foundation to your own interest in investments and acquiring further knowledge in the field to subsequently help you manage and monitor your own portfolio as a financial planner too.



5) Trained and expert capabilities:

Generally an externally hired qualified CFP approaches investment planning for their clients with their personal experience and expertise coupled with a foolproof financial planning tool which may otherwise not be available to you as an investor.
Neither will an investor be in a position to think about it on their own. The comprehensive financial planning done for you by a certified financial planner using his/ her business acumen is likely to widen your horizon of market information around unknown territories of investment categories, tools and opportunities to strengthen your portfolio thus improving its efficacy in supporting you in achieving your life goals.


All of the above is likely to make you aware, more interested and raise your accountability towards being mindful and be focused on achieving your investment goals to help you live your financial dreams in life.

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Why Koppr to Plan Your Finances


We at Koppr aim to enable you to be financially fit and lead a financially healthy life. If you take charge of your financial plan with the help of experts along with the necessary tools to assist you, you can take control of your financial plan.

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Our mission is to provide you with the right tools and financial products and take care of your financial well-being.


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