As we step into a new decade, there is a major shift in organizational development, moving from a “wisdom economy” to the “human economy.” Companies and organizations have started adopting network and team-based structures where the growth of the organization and the well-being of the employee have turned essential.
When it comes to employee well-being in an organization, the human resource plays a major role in building bridges between the administration and the employee panel.
They also help the administration realize that the best wellness program is not just concentrated on cost-saving and absenteeism, but they also donate to the organization’s growth, long term, and short goals.
This article would help us understand the necessity of employee well-being in an organization and how human resource plays an important role in handling employee well-being.

Why does an organization need a wellness program?

Before trying to know why an HR has to contribute or what is the role of an HR in employee well being, let us understand, why an awareness program is recommended for an employee.

Not just from the perspective of the health and wellness of an employee, there are other jargon that can affect your small or large businesses. Employees are major assets of a company, who need more care and awareness on how to handle work and personal life.

To be concise, the wellbeing of an employee is the wellbeing of the entire organization. The wellness programs indeed help employees to make the right decision at work.

There are certain elements in a typical wellness program which include meditation, the right nutrition, consistency, and curiosity over fitness schedules, and it goes on. But most of the time, it is misunderstood by the common health insurance plans and other medical benefits and policies of the organization.

Now let us study what actually is human resource?


What are Human Resources (HR)?

The Human Resource is the key department of an organization that really understands, finds, screens, recruits and trains a job applicant.

They are also involved in educating or administering the employee benefit programs for the well-being of both, the employee and the organization. HR also plays an important role in helping the organization as it moves to a faster-growing environment.

Here are some of the major roles of a human resource:

  • A department that is associated with the company or organization which helps to find, screen, recruit and manage job applicants.
  • They involve compensation benefits, recruitment, and firing, staying updated with the laws that disturb the company and employees.
  • In recent times people have switched from in-house administrative to outside vendors as they benefit the organization.
  • The Human Resource department helps companies with their core values and ethos.

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Defining Human Resource:

As mentioned earlier the Human Resource is the key or even the critical resource of an organization. They focus on employee productivity and ways to improve its standards. They also protect the company from issues that threaten its growth and sustainability.

The Human Resource of the organization takes care of the entire compensation benefits, recruitment and firing processes and keep the organization authorities updated with the judiciary laws that need to be maintained and followed to run the company smoothly.

The following are the key responsibilities of the HR that adds more value to the organization,

  • Handle and care for the employees of the organization prudently
  • Develop skills that build individuals as well as the organization
  • Improve innovation, creativity, and flexibility to improve competitiveness
  • Involve new approaches to the workplace, career development, and internal organization

These factors complete an entire human resource. All of these improvements and processes do not occur instantly, but they happen over time. And that is why it requires a lot of patience for the organization; hence they hand it over to the human resource to handle them.

Now let us have a brief look at how an HR handles employee wellbeing of an organization.


Role of an HR in Employee Wellbeing:

Here are a few tips that HR has employed to manage or handle an employee’s wellbeing in an organization.

Assessing the current situation:

Most of the times while assessing a current scenario of an organization, Human Resource executives tend to concentrate only on the management and impose various policies that let employees suffer tremendously.

Consider a simple example, A startup that is into Digital Marketing, Application Development and Web Development, employs designers who could work efficiently for projects assigned to them. The capability of the designer is understood only when he/she is given an appropriate tool to handle the scenario.

As the project brings a low income to the company, the authorities of the organization might neglect the requests of the designer who wants to prove his/her capability.

Eventually, this may affect the design that the client expects, ending up with a poor income which is lower than the destined budget.

This is where the human resource should involve in recognizing both the company as well as the employee’s needs and provide them the required resource so they could perform in a way that the organization gets a positive reputation.
This not only builds the brand of the organization but helps in the growth and wellbeing of the organization as well as the employee.


Evaluating data appropriately:

Not just assessing the current situation is important, it is good to evaluate the data appropriately. What does “DATA” mean here? The data is something that is concerned about the employee’s wellbeing as well as the frictionless growth of the company.

Now, let us look into a different scenario; say a company works 12 hours and 6 days a week. The mind and nature of an employee or every employee who works with the company will be average or less. Whereas, consider an organization that works just 8 hours and 5 days a week.

The potential growth of the organization that worked for 8 hours and 5 days of a week will be eventually greater than the other company which worked for 12 hours and 6 days of a week.

A company (or) an organization’s growth is measured through the effort that is put in and not the number of hours that the company works for. The analysis says the company that worked for 6 hours and 4 days a week had a better return on investment when compared to the rest of the organization that worked for 8 hours and 5 days.

Here, the calculus is even minimal and yet they were productive. This method was implemented recently as proclaimed by the current prime minister of Finland, Mrs. Sanna Marin. Isn’t that amazing. This is where a human resource should act, between the employee and the employer.

There are chances that the organizational authorities would go out of their mind, regardless of the benefits they would obtain out of it. Yet, a well-groomed Human Resource Manager would be able to handle the situation more effectively. This not only encourages employees physically but also allows them to produce potential results in their workplace.


Effective communication system:

Most companies avoid transparent communication between the employee and the employer. It is indeed hard to survive such a topology of an organization. There is not a single company that has survived in the long run with an untransparent communication system.

The benefits that an organization provides and the demands of the employee panel should be exchanged in a meaningful and effective way that they can be handled and resolved at the right time. This helps with the healthy growth of the organization as well as the employee base.

This is where a human resource executive or the team plays a vital role. The human resource shouldn’t bypass the process of carrying or exchanging the information. They should work as an honest mediator between the parties and help them establish a healthy and organized workplace.


Perfect coordination:

As mentioned earlier, the human resource team should coordinate between the branches of the organization or its elements. Any organization, that is handled and managed by an enthusiastic and capable human resource, can witness an intense growth in their career.

The Human Resource should perfectly coordinate between the teams and perform necessary advancements that can help both the organization and the employees simultaneously.

The HR team can perform periodical personal sessions with the employees and make a note of the common drawbacks and hardships they face on the work floor. It does not necessarily be a salary hike or anything that is related to finance.

The constraints may fall from company timings to financial hesitancies. This can be resolved only when the human resource takes appropriate action towards hearing the employee’s inabilities and discomforts. That is how they contribute to the wellbeing of an employee in the organization.


Mannered supervision:

When supervision is taken lightly, it leads to bigger conflicts in the organization. That is why there should be an Elaborate/ Mannered supervision in the company.

– What does mannered supervision mean?

Keeping a detailed track record of every single graph of the employee panel, the organization authorities, growth of the organization and the downfalls of the company. These records could help the company as well as the employee panel to sustain in the long run.

Mannered supervision involves five important steps that are already mentioned in this article. Yet, here we have them in succinct.

  • Meet employee requirements to work effectively with the organization.
  • Train or educate employees for better growth.
  • Assist employees in managing time and performance.
  • Turn into a resource.
  • Track accountability.

By supervising all the above-mentioned, a human resource manager could definitely establish a perfect work culture within the organization.

Above all these steps and methodologies that a Human Resource executive could perform, there are certain challenges that they themselves could face within the organization. Now let us have a look into the challenges in implementing a complete wellness program.


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Challenges in implementing a complete wellness program:

Implementing any wellness program that is followed by an established company or organization would be better, but implementing the ones that are not into existence is a typical challenge a human resource could face. The following are some of them:

  • Evidence of absence in wellness programs that they are cost-effective towards the company
  • Forceful disciplinary activities on employees can be bitter
  • The over-screening process may end up with negative feedback
  • Interference of private data of employees and lack of protection in biometric information of employees could end up in conflicts
  • Employer’s adoption of default and robotic replies to employees in order to avoid wellness programs may end up in a mess.
  • Considering the wellness program, a waste of time is one major drawback among both employers and the employees.
  • The human resource has to face and overcome all the above-mentioned challenges in order to establish a well-disciplined wellness program. Human resources also undergo various other challenges that are not addressed here. Explaining or mentioning each one of them would take a lot more time.


Wrap up:

As the transition of work from knowledge to the human economy has advanced in the years, there is still a lot to cover in this area of workplace culture. Human resources is trying to march effectively and tirelessly towards such goals. Yet, they find a lot of discrepancies in their way either among the administration or the employee base.

The entire human resource would require a lot of patience and consistency in achieving their goals, and as mentioned earlier, that would happen over time and not instantaneously.

It is not just the responsibility of the Human Resource, but it is also the assistance of the administration and the employees that they may achieve the desired wellbeing of the employee.

Therefore, wellness would march from the luxury of a professional in an established country to a necessity for all countries in their economic growth. Consequently, human resources would play a definite role in building a strong workplace as well as an economically strong country.


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