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Designed especially for Financial Experts, our Partner benefits help unleash your business and personal benefits via helping us co-create a world that is empowered enough to make smart personal financial decisions everyday.

Our Partnership Opportunities

Become a #MAD Influencer

Our #MAD influencer programs is the basic expert program that entails

  • An expert profile
  • Access to Tribes questions that you can answer
  • List your course, videos, channels on Koppr
  • Earn through upvotes and referrals

Become an In-residence Expert:

Our in-residence expert is an exclusive program that offers

  • An expert profile
  • Access Tribe questions that you can answer
  • List your courses, videos, channels on Koppr 
  • Earn through upvotes and referrals
  • Host live webinars 
  • Conduct 1:1 sessions with interested users 
  • Get Paid on a monthly basis through Koppr

Benefits of Koppr Partnership

Stay ahead with Koppr’s Expert Connect program

A program specifically designed for experts to interact with users and avail services as per their interest



Koppr is a one of its kind platform and India’s first when it comes to fulfilling and educating for Personal Finances with ways that are unique to us. 

Earn while you Solve for Financial Literacy

With an array of services customised for our experts, earn through various engagement activities like live sessions, webinars, answers and much more!

How Our Partner Program Works

Build a Koppr Integration

Drive adoption of your technology. Integrate with the Koppr platform to improve the financial wellness experience of our large and growing employee population.

To learn more, send us an email and tell us about your product and integration goals.

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