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A fantastic way to quickly find the best health plan. I recently got one health plan for my mom. Despite all the information available online, it could still be confusing which plan to buy. Oneassure & Koppr partners solved it for me.

Maria Martin

The importance of a health insurance plan is wasted on millennials. One Assure & Koppr team guided me through the benefits of insuring my health above all and how I could benefit from the same in so many ways. Sorting out the best insurance plan that fits my personal needs was just what I needed. Thank You One Assure & Koppr and I would definitely recommend you guys to friends and family!

Gaurav Agrawal

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Why do you need insurance?
Be it your life or property, given the risks it is essential for you to protect them. At some point, everyone wants financial wellbeing and it is believed that savings are enough. Practically, protecting your life, your loved one’s life or simply your assets are crucial because they may burn a hole in your pocket if encountered by loss or unexpected medical emergencies.

Insurance, be it health, life, property or any that protects your asset only helps you ease the expenses so that it doesn’t put a financial burden on your family or you.

What are the benefits of having an insurance policy?

Financial Security: No matter what kind of unexpected circumstances, an insurance plan helps you avoid putting a dent on your financial position. The best way to become financially secure is to cover yourself, your family, and your assets with insurance. You can buy or renew insurance online and receive a payout for financial support, in case there happens to be an unforeseen event.

Complete Protection: Once Insured, you and your family are completely protected and prepared to face any emergency without having to worry about finances.

Tax Benefits: Apart from safety and security benefits, insurance helps you avail income tax benefits (ask our planner for more details on this).

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