The Koppr standard in Financial Wellness

A personal finance platform for your employees

Are your employees under financial stress?

  • 16% of the people worried about money for more than 20 hours every month contributing to a dip in productivity and increased absenteeism at work.
  • 52% employees claimed that their problems were heavily distracting them at work.
  • 55% of the employees were under financial stress
  • 72% employees were clueless on how to save for retirement, highlighting the need for financial awareness.

Financial or money matters are a major cause of stress.

Employees face health issues
Employees leave companies
Employees experience low productivity

95% employers agree that financial wellness has been effective in reaching their bottom line

Greater employee engagement/ lower stress

Less employee turnover

Improvement in Employee productivity / performance

Potentially lower healthcare costs for your company

Koppr enables your employees to lead a financially healthy life.

We believe that everyone should have access to tools to take control of their finances and the freedom that comes along with it. Financial freedom is just not for the riches, it’s for everyone.

Our mission is to provide your employees the right tools and financial products to take care of their financial well-being.


Improve financial literacy

  • Financial education tailored to your company benefits
  • Workshops, byte-sized online courses to make learning fun.
  • Investment insights to improve financial decision making


Help employees with financial planning

  • Digital Financial Coach and Team of Advisers
  • Personalized financial coaching designed to help each employee improve their financial well-being
  • Goals-based planning for all life goals, like home purchase, education, retirement or debt reduction


Employees can track Expenses & Financial Goals

We help your employees keep a track of their spending habits & financial goals

  • Track pre-paid card spends across various categories including Dinning, Travel, Entertainment, Shopping and more.
  • Goal tracking, spending analysis and budgeting tools.


Employees take guided actions

Expert advice from our financial planners to help you take the right action

  • Invest in the right instruments to achieve your long-term financial goals
  • Take micro steps towards a secure financial future.

Additional Koppr Benefits

Corporate Insurance Solutions

Customized corporate insurance plans for employees, business owners and companies.

Digitize Employee Benefits

Help your employees save upto ₹80,000 in tax. Digitize your employee tax benefits and manage disbursements with ease.

Claims Processing

Process employee claims and reimbursements with ease with an intuitive app for your employees.

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