68% of India’s employee workforce

is under financial stress

 Get a FREE Financial Wellness Assessment for your company to improve employee productivity, boost morale & reduce financial stress. Help your employees stay mentally fit in these troubled times.

How to get your financial wellness assessment?

Employees Sign Up

Your employees download and sign up on the Koppr App

Employees take survey

Your employees answer basic questions regarding their financial health. It would take 10 minutes to complete the survey.

Get a Custom Report

We tabulate all responses and provide a custom report with recommendation to bring financial wellness to your company

Bring financial wellness to your employees

  • 16% of the people worried about money for more than 20 hours every month contributing to a dip in productivity and increased absenteeism at work.
  • 52% employees claimed that their problems were heavily distracting them at work.
  • 55% of the employees were under financial stress
  • 72% employees were clueless on how to save for retirement, highlighting the need for financial awareness.

Don't let financial or money matters create a stressful work environment

Employees face health issues
Employees leave companies
Employees experience low productivity

95% employers agree that financial wellness has been effective in reaching their bottom line

Greater employee engagement/ lower stress

Less employee turnover

Improvement in Employee productivity / performance

Potentially lower healthcare costs for your company

Get a Free Financial Wellness Assessment for your company

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Get a Free Financial Wellness Assessment
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