A lot of factors work in conjunction to ensure that a company operates smoothly.  Employees constitute a big part of those factors. Irrespective of whether you are leading a small team or a big corporation, taking good care of your employees will yield amazing returns.

It is crucial to understand the difference between employees and happy employees. Taking good care of your employees will make sure that they go the extra mile for your organization. Thus, merely the salary and its components might not be enough. It is no wonder that more and more companies are exploring the idea of employee gifting.

Lets get started on knowing about employee gifting best practices and how you can plan your corporate gifting strategy.


  1. Occasions for gifting employees
  2. Top 20 gifting ideas for employees
  3. Corporate gifting best practices
  4. 3 ways to make employee gifting more personalized and valued
  5. Planning your corporate gifting strategy


When should you gift employees?

One of the easiest ways is to tag the gifts to specific occasions or festivals to make them much more effective. Traditionally most of the occasions or festivals mean the exchange of gifts and items. And with employee gifting, you convey the idea that you care for them. Appreciating them for their efforts and giving them a reason to rejoice during holidays and special occasions.

From an employee standpoint, employee gift programs can do a world of good for their morale. A small gift would make them feel valued at their workplace.

Here are some of the occasions on which you could gift employees:

  1. Work Anniversary: A good way to show that you recognize your employee for putting in all the hard work is to celebrate their work anniversaries and gift them something personal.
  2. Birthday: One way of making your employees feel special is to get them a cake on their birthday and hold a small celebration at office.  Making your employees feel special on their birthday’s goes a long way in telling them that you care.
  3. Festivals: Most organizations in India extend gifts to their workforce during Diwali or Christmas. It’s a good idea to personalize the gift to recognize the individual contributions of employees. You might also want to read: Employee Diwali gift ideas.
  4. Farewell: You must admit that goodbye’s are tough. But you could make it better with a good employee farewell gift. Make sure you buy something memorable for your employees so that those who leave your company still remember you beyond work.

If you do not already have a rewards and recognition program, it is high time to incorporate one. And if you already do, employee holiday gift ideas might be a good starting point, to begin with.


Top 20 corporate gifts for employees in 2020


Here is a list of gift items that you can use for varied purposes. Whether you are looking for an employee Diwali gift or employee gift for Christmas or simply employee appreciation gift ideas, this list ought to save you time and aid you in the process.


1. Gourmet Sweet Box

Festivals such as Diwali predominantly include the usage of sweets and sharing them with loved ones. A gourmet sweet box for such occasions is an ideal employee gifting idea. There are a lot of startups or local vendors who can offer great products at various price points as well. Some even allow you to customize the box and put your logo on it.

gourmet sweet box employee gift

2. Chocolates

A good pack or assorted or special chocolates is something that most people love. If your company has any special occasion, for example, the Founder’s Day or other celebration, you can gift chocolates to your employees. You can get some great chocolate collections, dark chocolates, white chocolates, milks chocolates, a combination of them, chocolates with nuts or berries, the list just goes on. A good pack of chocolates can be a great gift for your employees.

chocolates corporate gifts

3. Idea books

We are quickly moving into a very digital world. Most of the things surrounding us are either digital already or moving to them. If your company believes in giving its employees the liberty to come up with ideas, an idea book can be a great employee gifting option. There are quite a few amazing options when it comes to cloth-bound notebooks. It will help inculcate a culture of innovation.

idea book employee gift

4. Wine in a box

If your company doesn’t have any policies that prevent you from gifting alcohol, you can consider gifting wine. You can either do all the hard work and find a wine that suits the taste buds of everyone or gift them smaller bottles or even wines in a box. A few innovative wine options are out there in the market. Some with unique taste and others with unique bottles. You have the option to pick something that best suits your occasion.

wine gift box

5. Mini garden

Desks are one of the places where your employees spend the most amount of time. A simple employee gifting idea is that of a mini garden or plant for a desk. A small addition of greenery to the desk will surely break the monotony and make them feel happy. With tons of options to choose from, you can pick up anything that requires low maintenance. This will keep them alive for a longer duration and your employees happy.

mini gardens for desks

6. Hand Sanitizers

It is no secret that people these days are more concerned about their well-being. A personal hand sanitizer is a good employee gifting idea. There are a few companies that offer some great hand sanitizers that your employees can keep at their desks. Depending on your budget you can either opt for a normal sanitizer or a premium one. The premium ones usually consist of essential oils and leave out alcohol which makes the skin dry.

hand sanitizers for desks

7. Tumblers

At times you might have to come up with employee farewell gift or employee leaving gift. A tumbler might be a good option for such occasions. A stainless steel double walled tumbler can be used for a variety of purposes. Employees can either use it for drinking something hot or cold. In either case, a stainless-steel tumbler would keep the temperature ambient.

tumbler employee gift

8. Leather Accessories

If you are looking for employee anniversary gift ideas, leather accessories can be a great addition. A beautiful leather accessory would add a lot of value to the simple idea of employee gifting. You choose between a case for business cards, key-chains, luggage tags, wallets, etc. To add more value or impact, you can emboss a logo or monogram or even names. One might think that leather accessories can be a bit expensive but it’s not the case. You can find some genuine products within your budget.

leather accessories employee gifts

9. Sunglasses

Sunglasses have always been a good gift option. However, it might go unused if you end up gifting a plain or bland pair to someone. With several brands out there, you can find a brand that offers stylish sunglasses that people would wear. Some brands even offer customization, so that employees can later get the products customized as per their choice.

sunglasses for employees

10. Phone Grips

There are several phone accessories out there in the market but one of them stands out a phone grip. Our phones are getting bigger and slippery thanks to the use of metals and glasses. A phone grip will make sure that you can hold your phone securely. A phone grip is a really small and handy accessory that sticks to the back of your phone. You can leave them at the default setting or expand them and use it as a stand. Employees can use their phone however they want to, without the constant fear of dropping them.

pop socket phone grip

11. Flowers

One of the oldest employee anniversary gift ideas is a bouquet. However, flowers never go out of fashion. Whether it is the joining of a new employee or anniversary of an existing one, a well-thought bouquet can make a lot of difference. And for people who appreciate flowers, it can make their day a tad better.

12. Magnetic Toys

Fidget spinners were the talk of the town a few months back, but your will employees will enjoy magnet toys even more. Magnet toys allow you to build them into anything and are thoroughly satisfying. With this, you can let your employees recreate satisfying moments, a lot like the ones that they usually watch videos about.

magnetic toys

13. Sweater

A good pullover or a sweater can turn out to be a great employee gift idea. Depending on your budget, you can get a micro-fleece or polyester fleece or plain sweaters. Most brands allow you to emboss your logo on it, should you want to. A sweater or even pullover might be more useful to your employees than you might think.

Sweater Employee Gift

14. Flower vase

Another good employee gifting option is that of a vase. A good-looking vase can lift the mood of your employees and still gives them the option to use it however they want to. They can either use it for plants, keeping some essentials, etc. You can opt for a flashy vase or a modern smart-looking vase.

15. Body care products

If you can stretch your budget a bit, there are a lot of amazing body care products that you can gift your employees. You can either opt for luxurious and premium hand creams or natural nourishing soaps or shower gels. Such gifts are great ways of pampering your employees. You can either gift these items on their own or create a mini basket with a combination of these products. Either way, you will gift a basket of happiness.

body care products employee gifts

16. Coffee mug

Another great employee gifting option is that of a customized coffee mug. A coffee mug can turn out to be a perfect gift. It is a sensible, practical and affordable option. And it makes even more sense for all the tea and coffee addicts that offices usually have. You can opt for a funky coffee mug or a stylish one.

coffee mug employee gifting

17. Gifts under 100

Gifts don’t always have to be expensive. There are a lot of great options under INR 100 that can still cut. There are a lot of sources where you can look for such gifts. Some common examples of employee gift ideas under 100 that you can consider include key chains, sippers, mobile stands, pens, stand for holding sunglasses, pen holders, small decorative lights for desks, etc.

corporate gifts under 100 rupees

18. Gift cards

If you are too confused or want to give the freedom of buying to your employees, employee gift cards can be a great alternative. With several brands offering gift cards, you can opt for a brand that suits the occasion. For example, you can present a gift card for bookshops, apparels, electronics, clothing, accessories, etc. There are endless limits. You can even gift them Amazon gift cards, which they can use to buy anything under the massive Amazon universe.

amazon pay gift card

19. Gift vouchers

Several banks and even brands have come up with gift vouchers that you can use for employee gifting. You can use these as perfects gifts for a special occasion such as Diwali, Christmas, the marriage of an employee or even the birth of a child. Employee gift vouchers give them the freedom of spending it on the things that they like. And most of them have validity for a year or two so that your employees are not forced to spend it as soon as they get them.

diwali gift voucher

20. Subscription fee for a service

Given the numerous online services that are available, you can go a bit off the norm and gift a subscription for a certain service. A subscription fee for a service might be off-beat gifts but it something that will surprise your employees and make them happy.

hotstar gift card

What are some of the corporate gifting best practices?

In the corporate world, gift-giving is quite common and is important as well. But, the gifts should be appropriate and welcomed by your employees. Gift giving in the corporate sector can be quite tricky also as it can be confusing to decide on which gifts to be selected, what should be the budget, etc.

Let us have a look at some of the basic tips which can help you in making corporate gifting easier up to a certain extent.

1. In many industries, there are certain guidelines as to which category of gift should be given to which employee and any mistakes in this can create problems. You should check with your HR representative before purchasing the gifts for your employees.

2. You can also purchase gifts for people outside the company such as the service providers, clients, business partners, etc. This will help in strengthening relationships and better professional aspects as well. You can select small and branded gifts for your clients and service partners.

3. While purchasing gifts for your co-workers or people within the company, you should choose gifts which will be comfortable for your employees and there should not be difference in the value and price of the gifts if you are selecting them for a team.

4. You should avoid gifting very expensive and extravagant gifts in the workplace. This can send the wrong message and create disturbances at the workplace. You should try and keep your gifts small, branded, practical and of good quality.

5. Before the purchase of gifts, you can read the company handbook. Your HR representative can guide and help you with this.

3 ways to make employee gifting more personalized and valued

Your employees are the main force that is driving your organization in achieving its objectives. So, it is quite essential to make your employees feel special and applaud them for their valuable contributions.

Employee gifting is an excellent idea of making your employees feel applauded and encouraged. But, the gifts which you are gifting your employees should be valuable and heartily welcomed by your employees.

1. Gifting according to employee’s personal happiness

You can know about the personal interest or the areas in which your employee has a keen interest. While gifting your employees at the year-end, you can gift them with digital gift cards. These gift cards can be utilized by your employees in pursuing or spending in those areas in which they have the interest.

2. Recognition at workplace

Professional recognition is extremely necessary for your employees to feel motivated and to aim for higher targets. Digital gift cards can be gifted to the employees on good performances for encouraging them and motivating them.

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3. Up-skilling

Every employee is keen on learning something new or the other, understanding new facets at the workplace, etc. Professional development is the key to employee satisfaction. Online sessions, classroom training, workshops, etc. can be arranged for the growth of your employees. You can gift them with digital cards that can be used for online training or other certifications.

Planning your corporate gifting strategy: How gifting your employees benefits all stakeholders

Corporate gifting is an excellent method of appreciating your employees and saying thanks to them for their efforts and contributions towards the organization. Also, corporate gifts when given to your clients help in creating good business relationships with them. So, it is always ideal for an organization to create a corporate gift strategy.

By creating a corporate gift strategy, it would be easier for the selection of good quality gifts for both your clients and your employees as well. By having a corporate gifting strategy, you will make your clients happy as they would realize how much you value their relationship with your organization. Moreover, this entire process of corporate gifting will make your employees happy and boost their morale.

There are some basic things that you should consider while planning your corporate gifting strategy.

1. Budget of the gift

You should decide smartly when it comes to the budget for the purchase of the gift. You can take into account the years of business with the client, the result you are willing to obtain from the clients, how much the relationship with a particular client is worth for you, etc. You should know about the client properly i.e. their likes and dislikes before purchasing the gifts.

2. Time of giving the gift

Usually, most of the companies consider giving gifts at the end of the year i.e. the holiday season. However, if you are doing the same thing every year it might become stereotypical. So, if you are planning to do something different or delightful you can find out some other appropriate time in the year for giving away the gifts. This would be surprising and would yield positive results.

3. Decorating the gift

When you are giving away gifts at the workplace, it may be to your employees or your clients; it is necessary to decorate the gift and make it personalized. You can imprint your gifts which you are giving away to your customers. By an imprint, your gift will look more appreciating and will impress your clients.

Its your turn to get started with corporate gifting!

There are a lot of good reasons to have an employee recognition program in place. For starters, it will keep your employees motivated and make them feel appreciated as well. It is essential that you have employee gift policy drafted and the lack of it might lead to unwanted results. A simple gift can keep the morale of an employee boosted and make them feel appreciated.

Employee recognition gift card programs are more essential than one might think. It is no secret that a handsome number of employees leave on the grounds of not feeling appreciated or valued. If such a scenario occurs, it might add more problems. For starters, you will have to incur the costs of recruiting such as screenings, advertising, interviewing, etc. A company then has to bear the on-boarding expenses and loss of productivity. It usually takes about three months for an employee to get productive. Not to mention the training costs that you will have to incur.

But you can avoid all of that with the help of an employee recognition program or regular gifts on special occasions. The items listed above provide a comprehensive list of items that you can rely on to gifting your employees. And when you provide your employees with gifts regularly, you keep them motivated, increase their engagement with other colleagues, increase their chances of staying with your organization and much better chances of higher loyalty. And this would all result in better customer satisfaction, as there are enough studies and statistics suggesting the same. Thus, a small amount of time spent on identifying gifts for your employees can go a long way.


Apart from the above gifts, you can help your employees in their financial journey as well, all you have to do is inform them to download Koppr App and tell them to ask any questions related to Stock Market, Mutual Funds, Financial Planning etc and our expert will answer them instantly.


Do you have a corporate gifting policy in place?

Please comment below and let us know how you have been gifting your employees to build a better workplace!