Simplified employee expenses management

No more paper bills. Let your employees track business expenses with ease.

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Employees can track all business expenses via our app. They upload bills and keep notes for every expense incurred.     

Make claims digitally

One-click claim submission. It’s that easy for an employee to get reimbursed.

Process claims & reimbursements

Use our employer dashboard to approve, reject or manage expense claims shared by employees.

Business Expenses & Claims

Employees meet clients at coffee shops or restaurants to discuss work. They can also claim tax-saving deductions on travel expenses incurred to meet your clients, including deductions on fuel expenses or hired cabs. Travelling expenses on outstation work trips can also be claimed.

Gadget Reimbursements

Gadget reimbursements are offered on computers, laptops, phones and tablets used by employees for official purposes. It is understood that only 30% of companies in India extend this reimbursement to their workforce. An employee can save upto ₹18,000 in taxes on purchase of computers, laptops and other electronics items.

Communication Reimbursements

Your workforce is mobile. Your employees cannot live without an internet connection. In today’s connected world, why should your reimbursement process be disconnected? Employees can save taxes by claiming reimbursable communication expenses incurred on mobile, landline and internet bills every month. Use Koppr’s corporate dashboard to offer these benefits digitally.

Leave Travel Allowance (LTA)

Leave Travel Allowance is one of the most popular benefits offered by Indian companies with almost 50% organizations extending this employee reimbursement to their employees. With Koppr, you can enable employees to claim reimbursable expenses incurred on all modes of transportation – including bus, train and flight tickets.

Simplify employee expense management