Presently, we understand the nuances that come with these trying times. The pandemic has forced us to get out of our comfort zones and appreciate those because of whom, we still have our businesses running. All our life, we have heard that it is the small things that matter, ultimately leading to bigger gains. So, why not appreciate those employees’s intricate and impactful efforts that make a company, a corporate family. 

In recent times, the number of remote workers have increased and employees are working from their homes. With remote working, comes distractions. With distractions comes job stress- it is important to recognize your employee’s efforts now, more than ever so that they feel like they are a contributor to the company’s successes even when they are not necessarily working out of their office desks. This could go a long way to boost productivity, improve performance and morale among the workforce. 

What better way to appreciate your employees than sending them gifts that help feel them valued and appreciated! What makes a difference is adding a personal touch to those items

How to Help Your Working from Home Employees Celebrate Diwali – Diwali Gift Ideas for Employees / Corporates

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Why gift your employees this Diwali?

As per the survey conducted by 64% Percentage of employees who say employee recognition and appreciation is more important while working from home.

3 out of 5 employees believe employee recognition and appreciation is more important while working from home, yet only one out of five employees (26%) say their company has implemented new ways to reward and recognize them since the current pandemic started, according to data from Snappy Gifts.

Apart from your friends and relatives, your employees are a part of your family too with whom you would wish to celebrate happy moments. The festival of Diwali is the true and the best occasion to even thank your employees and appreciate their contributions towards the organization.

By planning on employee Diwali gift, you can create a positive atmosphere in your organization. Employee Diwali gift will be helpful in creating a lively atmosphere at your workplace and would be beneficial for the organization in the long run.

Employee Diwali gift ideas will help you bring these major benefits to the organization.

1. Employee happiness and satisfaction

By planning about Diwali gift for employees, you can inculcate employee satisfaction and happiness within your organization. During the festival, everyone is in a mood to rejoice and when they receive gifts from their company, it is an amazing gesture. So, the idea of Diwali gift for employees is an excellent option to make your employees happy.

2. Encouragement for self-improvement

You can organize for Diwali gift for employees that will encourage them to make efforts towards self-improvement. Your employee Diwali gift idea might help them expand their limits and grow as an individual.

3. Motivation for employees

When you take care of your employees and implement plans like Diwali gift for employees, you will surely motivate your employees to give their best for your organization.

4. Talent retention

When you have happy and satisfied employees in your organization, you are having a good scope of inspiring your employees and retain them in your organization for long.

A gift can be said as a tangible way to express appreciation towards your employees and when you put some thoughts into the selection of the gift, it clearly shows your gratitude towards them.

How to find the right Diwali gifts for your employees?

Usually, organizations face issues like budget constraints while the selection of Diwali gifts for employees. Some points that can be kept in mind during the selection of employee Diwali gifts within a reasonable budget are listed below.

  1.  Make the employee Diwali gift unique and yet useful for your employees.
  2. You can give your employees a choice to select their employee Diwali gift from a list of some options. This can be exercised if there is sufficient budget available for doing this.
  3. You must select employee Diwali gift which matches the prestige and position of your organization
  4.  You can brand the Diwali gift for employees to make it even more memorable.
  5.  By implementing these practices, you are going to create a wonderful Diwali experience for your employees.

Unique employee Diwali gift ideas

Let us have a look at the most popular Diwali gift ideas for employees.

1. Fitness bands

A fitness band is an excellent Diwali gift idea. With everyone concerned about health nowadays, this would be a best Diwali gift you can give to your employees. Moreover, by gifting a fitness band to your employees you are showing your concern for their health. This will make your employees feel that you care about them and their well-being.

You can get to know more about fitness bands in the below-mentioned links.

Reliance Digital

Fitness Trackers on Amazon

2. Financial Wellness

In recent years, with the changing times, the mindset and expectations of employees have seen a paradigm shift.

Today, the new-age employees, especially the millennials, want much more than a simple health insurance plan. They look for more comprehensive and unique fringe benefits that companies offer.

Apart from flexibility in terms of timings, holidays and work locations, financial wellness programs too, have seen a steady rise and it’s important to understand exactly what they are

It is our duty as organizations, to take care of our employees. To become an employee-first organization with Koppr, book a workshop on Financial Wellness and Planning for your employees, today.

financial wellness of employees

3. Health food

As said earlier, health awareness is a must these days and everyone is quite concerned about this. So, another great Diwali gift idea for your employees is giving them health foods. This can include dry fruits, nuts, exotic herbs such as balsam, thyme, lemon verbena, etc. Moreover, you can think about gifting your employees an exotic fruit basket consisting of different types of fruits. What can be healthier than this? You can also consider gifting your employees a collection of green tea which is an excellent anti-oxidant and a great health food.

You can know about the various options of health foods available online from the below-mentioned links
Diwali dry fruits on IGP

4. Yoga/gym subscriptions

This is a unique Diwali gift idea for your employees. You can gift them with yoga subscriptions or gym subscriptions and hence show them your concern. Hitting the gym regularly or attending yoga sessions regularly needs a lot of dedication and an external push from someone. So, you can just purchase a gym membership or yoga subscription for your employees and make them feel special this Diwali.

5. Plants

This Diwali, are you thinking about gifting something different to your employees? If yes, then plants are the best Diwali gifting idea for your employees. Plants grow with time and in front of your eyes. These are memories and you can send your good wishes wrapped up along with these plants to your employees. Some of the indoor plants which can be gifted on Diwali are a lucky bamboo plant, Exotic Bonsai, Air purifying plants, Money plants, Hermes plants, etc.

plants employee gifts

Know about more Diwali gift options on plants from the below-mentioned links

6. Gift vouchers/cards

You can think about gifting customized gift cards and vouchers to your employees. By gifting gift cards or vouchers to your employees, you are offering a flexibility of choice to them. By using these gift cards, your employees can purchase something which they will definitely use in future. Even though gift cards will miss the personalization in them, but they are a very safe Diwali gift option for your employees.

3 most popular Diwali gifts for employees

1. Home-made Chocolates and diyas

Home-made chocolates and diyas are one of the popular Diwali gift ideas for your employees. You can purchase home-made diyas which can be prepared out of chocolates and are edible. This will be a great Diwali gift. Moreover, an assortment consisting of home-made eco-friendly diyas for decoration and chocolates would form a great gift set.
Pro-tip: You can gift home-made chocolates and even home-made diyas to your employees for promoting the MSME industry.

2. Dry fruits

This is a very healthy and conventional Diwali gift idea for your employees. An assorted collection of various dry fruits such as almonds, cashew-nuts, walnuts, raisins, pistachios, etc. can form an excellent Diwali gift idea. These nuts are health foods and also would look sophisticated when gifted to your employees.

dry fruits diwali gift box
Pro-tip: A combination of dry fruits and decorative diyas together can form a beautiful Diwali gift for your employees.

3. Scented Candles

Scented candles, beautiful decorative candles are another standard Diwali gifting option for your employees. These can be used to decorate homes in Diwali and also scented candles help in creating a stress-free environment. These candles are sure to make your employees elated this Diwali.

scented candles diwali gift

Pro-tip: Home-made candles are also available and can be considered for gifting to your employees. This would be a different experience for them and also be an initiative towards the promotion of the MSME industry.

You can get collection of scented candles by visiting the below-mentioned links.

Pepperfry , Indiamart


3 ideas for useful gifts for employees this Diwali

1. Financial Planning Webinar

In recent years, with the changing times, the mindset and expectations of employees have seen a paradigm shift.

Apart from festive holidays and gifts, employees look for much more, financial planning programs are on a rise too which can be planned as a gift to your employees.

It is our duty as organizations, to take care of our employees financial well-being too. To become an employee-first organization with Koppr, book a workshop on Financial Planning for your employees, today.

financial wellness programs in india

2. Stationery

This has always been one of the best and most useful Diwali gift ideas for employees in the Corporate Sector or even in Government sectors and businesses. This set usually consists of some basic stationery items such as diaries, notepads, staplers, pens, marker pens, etc. needed by those who are dealing with desk related tasks, presentations, etc.

You can also consider gifting pen sets as Diwali gift to your employees. This will be used by your employees for performing daily activities in office. Pen sets are quite affordable and would be a sophisticated gift item for your top-level employees as well.

A desk clock is another best Diwali gift option for your employees as it will help your employees to be punctual. These desk clocks are quite a popular Diwali gift idea for employees nowadays and are available in various designs and prices.

Pro-tip: You can personalize the stationery sets by including a one-liner on the name and description of the employee for whom the gift is meant to be. This will turn a common Diwali gift into an attractive one.

You can get to know more about stationery sets and pen sets in the below-mentioned links

3. Gadgets like Bluetooth, power bank, multi-charger, etc.

Electronic gadgets like Wireless Bluetooth speakers, power banks, USB hubs or multi-chargers, etc. are a very good Diwali gift idea for your employees. These items will be used by your employees in their daily lives either while traveling or partying or at offices itself.

Power banks or multi-chargers are needed in office itself when your employee needs to charge different devices but have limited sockets. Wireless Bluetooth speakers like JBL GO Portable Wireless Bluetooth speaker can be considered as a gift option for those employees who are fond of music and are constantly traveling.

Pro-tip: You can make a collection of electronic gadgets together like a power bank, headphones, and Bluetooth speaker together and gift it to your employees.

4. Bamboo fiber eco-friendly coffee mug

This is an eco-friendly product that is much better to be used rather than paper cups and water bottles. This coffee mug or coffee tumbler is made up of bamboo which can be reused many times. It is leak-proof and has a lid and silicone stopper. It is a sophisticated Diwali gift idea for employees and the details about this coffee mug can be obtained by visiting the below-mentioned link.

How to choose a vendor for sending Diwali gifts?

After you have decided on what to gift to your employees for this Diwali, you have another essential matter to finalize i.e. which vendor will you select for obtaining your gifts?
While deciding on which vendor you are selecting from obtaining your Diwali gifts, you should keep the below-mentioned points in mind.

  1. Delivery of the gifts should be done on time by the vendor.
  2. Discounts should be offered by the vendors on the purchase of Diwali gifts in bulk.
  3. Good quality customer support service must be provided by the vendor which you are selecting.
  4. A proper management system must be present with the vendor for the gift list that is provided by you.
  5. The vendor should provide samples first for validation by you before doing the delivery of the actual order.
  6. The order must be traceable and the vendor should have proper tracking system.
  7. You should do a complete research on the company history of the vendor before finalizing the order. Also, you should check if your gift vendor is genuine or not and is giving guarantee on the purchased products or not.
  8. Contract Pricing should be taken care of while finalizing the order with the vendor i.e. you should check that you are only paying for the actual order and there are no hidden charges levied.

Diwali gift wrapping ideas

Wrapping a gift is as important as the selection of the gift. The way a gift is wrapped depicts how much you care about the gift and about the person who is receiving the gift. When you are gifting your employees on Diwali, the gifts should also be wrapped in such a way that it makes your employees feel happy about seeing the gift.

diwali gift wrapping

There are numerous Diwali gift wrapping ideas that will make your Diwali gift for employees look even more attractive.

1. A ribbon on a plain wrapping paper

This is a different Diwali gift wrapping idea in which you can use a simple and plain wrapping paper. The gift box can be decorated with a big colorful ribbon. This will make the gift box look attractive and very luxurious.

2. Use old newspapers for wrapping

You can use old newspapers for wrapping your gift box and decorate it with colored tapes. This will be an eco-friendly approach towards celebrating Diwali this year.

3. Text printed on a wrapping paper

You can get your Diwali wishes printed on a wrapping paper and use that for wrapping your employee Diwali gifts. This will make your Diwali gift for employee memorable for your employees.

4. Funky wrapping

You can think about some funky methods for Diwali gift wrapping such as you can use calendars or alphabet charts for wrapping the gift and highlight your Diwali wishes on the wrapping paper. This will make the Diwali gift wrapping impressive.

5. Fresh flowers on wrapping paper

This is an excellent Diwali gift wrapping idea and can make the gift look very special. You can use general gift wrapping paper and wrap the gift. It can be personalized by placing a real and fresh flower on the top of the wrapping paper. This makes it look very lively and attractive.

6. Add some tags to your wrapped gift

Tags will make your gift look interesting and beautiful. If you have completed the gift wrapping using plain wrapping paper and wish to bring a cuteness factor in it, you can just cut and add tags to the gift wrapping paper.

7. Plain box covered with colored tape

This will be a deviation from the general gift wrapping methods. You can just keep the gift box plain without using any gift wrapping paper and use colored tape to wrap the gift box.

8. Punched color papers

You can use a puncher and make holes in color papers. Then you can use these punched color papers as a layer on plain gift wrapping paper to make it look even more attractive.

9. Decorative diyas on wrapping paper

You can obtain small decorative diyas and place them on the wrapping paper by use of glue. The gift pack would look like a perfect Diwali gift.

10. Laces and ribbons

This is a great idea to make your Diwali gift look sophisticated. You can put laces on a plain wrapping paper and then make a bow with the ribbon available.

11. Glittery tape

A Diwali gift wrapped in a plain gift box with a glittery and shimmery tape put on its top in the form of a bow makes your employee Diwali gift look fabulous.

How to send Diwali gifts to employees?

Generally, employee Diwali gifts are given to the employees by hand delivery system within the campus of the office. The employees can be informed about the availability of Diwali gifts in the organization. They can get their gifts in the organization itself.

send diwali gifts

However, some employees are working from other locations. For, these employees Diwali gifts can be sent via courier services to those locations. The Diwali gifts can be delivered at the mailing address of the organization and the respective employees can collect their gifts from the organization’s mail room.

Hence, employee Diwali gifts should be selected in such a manner that they are useful for your employees. The gift wrapping must be interesting and special to make the employee quite excited about the gifts. These employee Diwali gifts will give your employees a feeling of happiness and satisfaction for being there with you.