Secure employee database management

Manage all of your sensitive people data in one organized and secure HR database.

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Easily on-board employees while setting up a Koppr account

Upload Employee Data

Upload employee data in bulk or add employees individually.

Complete data control

You have full control of all your key data in one place, accessible from anywhere.

No more double entry errors

It’s tough to keep employee data accurate when it pops up in so many places: across spreadsheets, or in individual documents. Every time you make a change, you find one more file you need to update . . . and then another. But with Koppr, your data lives in one central HR database

Self-service employee data entry

As a HR professional,  you know self-service is far more efficient than doing data entry yourself. With Koppr, each employee has access to edit their own personal information while simultaneously limiting their access to sensitive company data.

Keep your data secure & your business compliant

We take confidential data seriously, and we know you do too. After all, you’re managing sensitive employee information. Our employee database software ensures high level accuracy and enterprise-level security for your data. We take precautions to keep your data safe while making it easier for you to stay compliant.

Simplify employee database management