A successful investment journey is a long trip. Knowing your goals, planning, having an investment strategy, investing in the right products, increasing your financial intelligence, seeking help from professional experts, etc., are the crucial steps to reach your final destination.

Be it, seasoned investors or beginners, constant learning is essential to stay on the right path of the financial journey.

Learning the market, finance and staying abreast with the latest financial news can add lasting value to your successful investment journey.

Various financial news apps can keep you updated with the latest market information. But, having a more comprehensive tool that can drive you towards financial wellness is the need of the hour.

If you are looking for such a tool, the Koppr app is the right one-stop solution.

Koppr app, one of the best financial news apps that deliver an update to you with the market news and gives you a comprehensive solution by helping you learn, plan your investments, invest, and track to achieve your financial goals.

5 Reasons You Need the Koppr App:

If your goal is to build wealth and enjoy financial security, you need the Koppr app.

There are plenty of reasons to have the Koppr app on your smartphone. Let’s look at the reasons to have the Koppr app.


1) Excellent Learning Platform:

The first step towards Investment success is investing in yourself and increasing your financial education.

If you want to avoid a lifetime of financial mediocrity, you need to invest your time and effort today to improve your financial intelligence.

Educating yourself on the fundamentals of finance helps you make a rational investment decision.

If you are a newbie to the investment world, financial literacy can hold you back from making poor financial decisions.

If you are an active investor, boosting your financial intelligence can help you act on conflict of interest in the investment advice that you receive. For your investment portfolio to grow faster, it is also essential to develop your financial intelligence.

With the Koppr app, financial learning or education is now inexpensive and easy. You can increase financial intelligence with free courses and some advanced learning courses with minimal cost.

Here are some significant learnings that you can seek on the Koppr app learning platform.


a) Learn Mutual Fund

Koppr app is one of the best financial planning apps that help you learn various asset classes.

You can learn about mutual funds on the Koppr platform by enrolling on various quick online courses available on the forum.

There is a free online course available to learn on mutual fund basics that take you through an introduction to mutual funds, how they work, various mutual funds and ways to invest, etc.

To advance your learning, you can enroll for paid mutual fund investment courses on the Koppr app. These courses are designed for everyone, including homemakers to beginners in investing to advanced investors.

The courses are quick, digital and nominal in cost.

Here are lists of mutual fund courses from basic to advance you can learn at Koppr Academy

learn mutual funds










b) Learn Stock Market

If you have to build a substantial amount of wealth for your future, you need to take a certain amount of risk and invest in the stock market with higher returns.

Though you need not be an expert in the stock market to start your investment, having basic knowledge is essential to make an informed financial decision.

Knowledge is power! Knowing terminologies, how does a stock market work and how to analyse, etc. You can learn from the basics of the stock market to advanced knowledge of the stock market on the Koppr app by enrolling on various courses.

There is a free course on stock market basics, and stock market live workshops for beginners.

There are also bundled courses on the stock market for advanced investors, which can be availed at a nominal price.

These are quick to learn well-designed courses available on the Koppr app to help you make wise investment decisions.

Here are lists of stock market courses from basic to advance you can learn at Koppr Academy










c) Learn Financial Planning

If you have to take control of your finances, learning financial planning is crucial to achieving your goals. By planning your finances right, you can effectively manage your income and build wealth for your future.

Koppr app, a financial planning app, can help you learn how to start financial planning, identifying your financial goals, tax planning, budgeting and how important it is to invest early to grow your money.

Koppr academy offers you early financial planning courses to help you boost your financial literacy and plan your finances effectively.


2) Innumerable Market Updates and Financial News:

Koppr app is one of the best financial news apps that keeps you updated on any finance topics of your interest. You can get the latest financial news today in India with just one click.

Stock market news and information can be obtained in no time as the Koppr app is tied up with more than 200 publications to provide you with real-time information and news related to the world of finance.

On the Koppr app, you can get updates through following ways:


a) Financial News

You can get the business news, financial news and news specific to the stock market by reading the latest news published by various publishers such as Financial Express, Moneycontrol, Business Standard and Bloomberg Quint etc.

If you have the Koppr app on your smartphone, you will be updated about the market and economy on a real-time basis. Take a look at how the latest news is flashed on the Koppr app that makes it easy for you to stay updated.

financial news








b) Videos on Finance

You want to become a financial expert but do not know where to start? Some may like to read, but some may prefer to watch.

Now, you can become a financial expert! Koppr app, a financial news app, help you learn about investing, personal finance management, updates on the stock market, financial news and entrepreneurship, etc., through the videos available on the app.

Koppr being one of the best financial planning apps, aims to empower you to make the right financial decision by giving you access to various educational videos, market insights, the latest financial news and expert talks, etc.

Koppr app is tied up with more than 100 finance channels that allow you to watch the latest videos posted in these channels covering various topics such as financial news, international business, business news, economic, finance, and political news market analysis and research, and more.

You can choose a topic of your interest and watch the video.


c) Financial Podcasts

The learning never stops. Top investing podcasts provide insights and lessons on various finance topics to help you understand complex things more straightforwardly.

These days, podcasts have become an effective way to learn many things and boost knowledge. Investing podcasts on the Koppr app, one of the best financial planning apps provides you with a broader understanding of stock markets, economy, various risks, and opportunities available for investors.

Listening to the stories of people, exploring different investing strategies and ideas will help you invest better depending on your financial situation.

On the Koppr app, you can listen to daily pre-open and post-close market podcasts and daily business news podcasts, etc., to make better financial decisions.


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d) Snips on Finance

Quick and easy video lessons are becoming an effective way of learning these days.

You can strengthen your investment strategies and explore various opportunities available out there by watching these snips.

You can learn a financial product, methods to invest, multiple investing concepts and tips for building wealth, etc., in this quick learning tool.

Koppr app is undoubtedly the go-to financial planning app that provides you with plenty of inputs to make proper financial decisions.

If you have the Koppr app installed on your smartphone, you can take a quick look at these snips that help you understand so many complex things related to finance, stock market, mutual funds, bitcoin and gold and more in a more straightforward way in less than a minute.

Koppr app gives you access to various top financial channels for the latest financial market updates, stock market news, and video content for learning. Being one of the best financial news apps, Koppr has classified news published by various top publications and video contents of various top financial channels, etc., under different topic headers.

The topics are Banking, Automotive finance, Bonds, Budgeting and savings, Economy & government, Commodities, Estate Planning, Funding, Family finance and Futures & options.

You can search the latest news, market information, insights and video contents based on the topic of your interest.

Based on your selection of topic, the information will be displayed to you. Any information or content that you would need for your reference later can also be bookmarked.

Saved pieces of information can be accessed easily later. You can even take a quick check on trending news and information anytime on the go.


What you will get when you install Koppr App



3) Powerful Investment Research Platform:

Koppr app being one of the best financial planning apps, helps you acquire the proper knowledge required to make wise financial decisions.

The platform provides you with numerous resources to help you research, understand and analyse the market to make an informed choice.

Byte-sized online courses, live workshops, latest news with access to stories by 200 plus publications, video insights by top financial channels and various other resources provided by this personal finance and financial news app makes it a powerful investment research platform for investors.


4) Investment Planning Support:

Koppr app is India’s best financial planning app that helps you do goal-based planning with its AI-powered planning tool. All you need to do is install the Koppr app and follow 6 step processes for your financial planning.

Here is a simple process to plan your investments on the Koppr app.

financial planning tool







  • Provide your basic personal information such as your name, PAN number, date of birth and contact details.
  • The next step is to provide your family details which include the details of your dependents.You need to give the details of each family member (name, PAN number and date of birth) and how they are related to you. This helps in creating a comprehensive financial planning solution for you.
  • Provide details of your income, expenses, assets and debts etc.This helps in assessing your current financial situation. Your asset details would include details of house property, vehicles, commercial property or any other personal assets that you have.
  • Provide details of your existing investments such as investments in stock, mutual funds and fixed deposits etc.
    You can upload the mutual fund statements and investment details.

upload CAS statement








  • Assess your risk profile by answering a few questions on the Koppr app. Based on your risk profile and return expectations, your investments can be planned.

risk assessment








  • Once your risk assessment is done, set your financial goals.You can include your short-term and long-term goals such as purchasing a dream home, marriage, vehicle purchase, education, vacations, debt repayment, home improvement, emergency funds and retirement planning etc.Choose your goals and add them to the planning list. Let’s say you add a dream home to your goal list; then, you need to provide details such as the approximate value of the house and when you are planning to buy it, etc.



plan your financial goals








Koppr, a financial planning app, provides you with the best investment planning support, which can be done in a few minutes. You can do your insurance planning also on the Koppr app and seek experts’ help online to plan.


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5)Invest via Koppr:

Koppr app gives you innumerable insights to invest right. You can view various investment options available on the Koppr app, be it for insurance, IPO, real estate and many more investment deals that can be checked and short-listed on Koppr.

Koppr app being one of the best financial planning apps provides easy access to alternate investments.

You can shortlist the investment deals offered by Koppr’s alternative investment partners depending on your financial goals and investment needs.

Koppr is also one of the best financial news apps that give you genuine news that helps you act according to the changing market conditions, changing needs, and financial goals.

It is essential to understand that a solid financial plan guides your successful financial journey.

If your plan is concrete, it will take you on the right path to achieve financial independence.

There are some crucial reasons for which it requires you to have a concrete financial plan.


6) Crucial reasons for financial planning:

A) Rising inflation:

Increasing the inflation rate reduces your purchasing power, ultimately resulting in a diminished value of money.

Fall in the value of money can affect your future goals. Considering the inflation would remain rising, you need to plan your finances to sustain this rising inflation actively.


B) Inevitable emergencies:

Life is uncertain, and everyone has to face some kind of emergencies at some point in life that would be unavoidable and unexpected. This could be medical emergencies, job loss, pay cuts, etc., which can significantly impact your finances.

It is essential to be prepared for such emergencies. Hence, having a solid financial plan is extremely important for everyone.


c) Retirement:

Everyone wants to live a comfortable post-retirement life as they would be free from all the family responsibilities by then.

However, without proper financial planning, living a comfortable life after retirement would be difficult without a regular income.


D) Important milestone:

Be it purchasing a house, buying a vehicle or planning for children’s education, every important milestone of your life requires careful planning. Without a plan, your dream may not end up turning into reality.

Implementing your plan is equally essential as having a concrete financial plan.

To execute your financial plan, you need to have the right inputs and knowledge to make intelligent investment decisions to help you attain financial success.

Genuine financial news can be the best source that can positively affect your financial decisions. The more informed you are, the better would be your decisions. But, where do you get the correct information?

Considering the amount of information and data available on digital media, there is a potential for an overload of information explosion.

But, with Koppr, you are going to be loaded with the correct information.

You can find the latest financial news and information from excellent publications, videos on topics of your interest and easy access to pertinent information with all in one solution for your financial planning.

Thus, the Koppr App is a must-have for every investor, irrespective of the type.

Right from investing beginners to advanced investors, Koppr has personal finance solutions for every investor type.

Koppr app is undoubtedly one of the best learning and financial news apps that gives you innumerable content related to the financial market, business, economy and everything, in general, to help you achieve financial security.

If you need trusted insights and you need a comprehensive solution for your personal finance, the Koppr app is the need of the hour!